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    Welcome to Foshan Tuna Door and Window Co., Ltd.

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    After Service
    The company in each sales of our products before, will be on the customer's overall home environment for on-site inspection, testing, design and consulting, and ultimately give the most appropriate installation program.
    1, the external environment investigation. Prior to installation, the professional installation team will conduct a full investigation of the external environment of the customer's home. Including the specific location of the house, around the natural environment, as well as the impact of neighboring buildings and other factors, from the perspective of the macro environment of our doors installed color and location.
    2, in addition to the internal environment of the external environment, but also focus on the design of the internal environment, including internal structure, distribution of the whole room he factors, from the micro perspective, according to the actual situation, set up a special installation scheme.

    The company has professional technical staff in accordance with the requirements of customers can provide customers with installation guidance.

    1, genius.
    2, the implementation of customer file management system: for the purchase of our products to customers to establish customer files, and carry out one to one tracking maintenance and care services;
    3, the implementation of product security inquiry system: to ensure that consumers can buy at ease;
    5, the national free service hotline: 0757-26390489, to really sincere micro customer service;